Bedding and Linen Cleaning Service

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Linen Cleaning & Dry Cleaning for Bedding or Household Items

Cleaning of comforters, blankets, sheets pillow cases, and linens is often once of the most overlooked task in maintaining a tidy household. Fortunately, Mulberrys Garment Care expertise isn’t limited to the clothing that you wear. We also take pride in keeping you home and bedroom as sparkling as your wardrobe.

Over time, your bedding items can accumulate a variety of nasty items. Bed bugs, dust mites, and other unwelcome visitors can cling to your bed and make your life miserable. To ensure that your comforters, duvets, blankets, sheets and pillow cases remain clean it’s critical to have them cleaned at least weekly, if not more.

Not only that, but the way you clean your household items is as critical as how you clean them. Frequently, other dry cleaners use toxic substances, bleaches, and starches to cleaning your duvets, sheets, and pillow cases. This can result in a skin irritation or rashes, as anyone whose stayed at a second-rate hotel can attest to. In addition, the chemicals can be carcinogenic and ground water contaminants. Mulberrys Garment Care uses only the most environmentally friendly detergents and stain removal agents to ensure that you, your family and the environment stay as health as possible.

Mulberrys Garment Care experts have decades of experience in the industry.

This experience enables Mulberrys to provide the perfect cleaning solution to eliminate any dust mites or bed bugs that may be in your bedding items, while at the same time taking proper care to retain vibrance. The range of household items we can handle is truly incredible.

Sheets and Pillow Cases

By far the most important items to keep clean in your household are your sheets and pillow cases. Yet, sadly, according to survey research that Mulberrys has done, many people wash their sheets less frequently than once a month. This provides the perfect environment for both unwelcome bodily stains as well as the expansion of dust mites and bed bugs. Mulberrys uses state-of-the art cleaning formulas to knock out any stains that lurk on your sheets or pillow cases and also cranks up the temperature to knock out any bed bugs or dust mites. We can handle any type of sheets or pillow cases, from traditional cotton, to cozy flannel, to slippery silk.

Comforters, Duvets, and Blankets

Bedding comes in a variety of shapes and sizes. There are traditional comforters, wool duvets and hand stitched blankets. The expert dry cleaners at Mulberrys have seen them all and know just the right formula to ensure your bedding stays comfy and soft. One of the most important things we do at Mulberrys is to assess the construction of your bedding items to identify the proper cleaning method. Certain items such as down comforters require washing with an extraordinarily long drying cycle to prevent feathers from clumping together. Other items, like wool blankets can not be cleaned in water due to the tendency of wool to shrink in water.


Mulberrys, skills with household items are not limited solely to the bedroom. We are equally adept at handling the pieces that set every room apart: your rugs. Rugs vary widely on size and construction, and also often fall victim to some of the hardest stains like red wine, so it is very important to ensure that you take them to an expert. When faced with a hard stain on an expensive rug, it’s difficult to know how to handle and clean such a variety of materials, which is why it’s best to leave rug cleaning to the professionals at Mulberrys Cleaners. There’s a wide variety of stains that commonly befall rugs. Wine stains, food stains, dirt, mud, coffee and animal stains create a huge amount of wear and tear on rugs. That’s why it’s always in your best interest to get your rugs cleaned by a professional twice a year. Bring your rugs to Mulberrys Cleaners. We can thoroughly clean and refresh them. Mulberrys is full of highly-trained experts who know how to clean a large variety of materials and stains.

Fine Embroidery and Lace

Fine embroidery or lace pieces are eternal and often carry great sentimental value for their owner. Due to the fragile nature of these items, it is always a safer to get especially delicate embroidered linens and lace dry cleaned. The most common reasons for this are the age of the materials, the types of stains and the colorfast quality of the embroidery thread. If the material is very old and fragile, or if the edges of the embroidered piece aren’t finished, you could compromise the fabric itself. The piece could unravel or deteriorate beyond repair. Additionally, you can cause dye bleeding that ruins the design of the fabric. Leave these fragile household items to us, and get them back looking better than ever.

Make sure you take care of your linens, bedding, and other household items with the same care as your clothing. At Mulberrys, we believe that both you and your household items should look immaculate. Turn to our linen and bedding cleaning services to maintain a clean and healthy home year-round. And because all of our cleaning is toxin-free you can rest assured that everything in your home that is cleaned with Mulberrys is free of the chemicals that so often undermine our health and the health of our natural environment.

Because household items like bedding are often heavy and difficult to carry and transport, Mulberrys offers free home pickup and delivery for all of our customers. We are proud to offer our unmatched bedding and linen cleaning services in Minneapolis and San Francisco. For Minneapolis linen cleaning, call 866-473-0798. Or call 877-814-5421 for our linen cleaning services in San Francisco.