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If you’re ever unhappy with the quality of our dry cleaning or pressing, we’ll redo the item for free

Convenience Unmatched

Located on bustling Grand Avenue, Mulberrys Cleaners is a hub of convenience to St. Paul residents. Our unmatched convenience not only comes from our conveniently placed brick-and-mortar locales, but also from our added features such as our 24-hour drop box, pickup and delivery services, and availability seven days per week.

Our cleaning technology is 100% toxin-free to ensure the best for the St. Paul environment and the best for your clothes. You’ll never get your clothes back pilled, faded or laden with chemicals. Our highest standards ensure the best experience possible, guaranteed.

What our Clients say

Mulberry's is fast, efficient, extremely friendly and fairly priced. I typically don't dry clean my clothes (even when I should) because it's always been kind of a grim experience. I've dry cleaned more at Mulberry's over the past couple of months than I ever have total in my life. The space is beautiful, the staff is friendly, you are in and out of there quickly, AND they are a green dry cleaner with really great pricing. I'll never go anywhere else - thanks, you guys!

This is the best and healthiest option if you're going to dry clean anything that you're going to wear on your skin. Their method using CO2 is by far the greatest for your skin and free of toxins. The prices on some items are slightly higher than other who use chemicals but mostly competitive. Definitely worth the extra $.10 per shirt compared to my old place. When all your items are returned, each garment is returned to you on a beautiful wooden hanger. They have a recycling/return policy where you bring all their hangers back each time you bring in clothes to get cleaned.

Mulberry's rocks! Pickup and delivery convenience (which can be ordered via a very easy to use app), environmentally friendly service, clothes come back on nice wood hangers, beautifully pressed and always looking and smelling clean. If there's anything else that makes a garment care provider great, I can't think what it would be! Other than perhaps the fact that if you visit the store, they have free coffee and sell nice refreshments. Can't beat it!

Sustainable Methods for a Better Planet

At Mulberrys Cleaners of St. Paul, we put our all into making sure your garments are treated according to the highest standards. This effort goes hand in hand with our mission to be as environmentally friendly as possible—nixing the slurry of chemicals and harsh treatment most dry cleaners make your wardrobe endure.

We blend timeless craftsmanship with unrivaled care. Our dry cleaning process uses 100% toxin-free solutions to treat every stain possible. Our innovation has proven to remove the most stubborn stains to refresh and renew your most timeless pieces.