Wedding Dress Cleaning
and Preservation

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Your wedding day is one of the most special moments of your life. At Mulberrys we consider it a privilege to be part of your wedding day. Whether its an heirloom bridal gown that needs to be restored or a gown that you would like to preserve for your children, Mulberrys wedding gown experts have the answer. Mulberrys has specially-trained wedding gown restoration and preservation experts who will hand clean your special wedding gown, reinforce the wedding gown seams, and reattach any beads and other embellishments to the wedding dress where needed. To prevent any damage to the fabric or dye, we wash the wedding gown in crystal clear purified water and non-toxic solutions. Finally, we package your wedding gown in a premium quality, acid-free wedding dress box that maintains color and prevents yellowing, so that you and your loved ones can enjoy your special day for years to come.

Discover unmatched service when it comes to cleaning or preserving your most cherished memento from this special moment. Call or visit Mulberrys Garment Care for wedding dress cleaning and preservation at any of our Minneapolis-area locations: Minneapolis, Minneapolis/St. Louis Park, St. Paul, Eagan, and Edina. Use our store locator to find your nearest Mulberrys location.

Our Process

At Mulberrys, we love playing a small part in the biggest moments of our customers’ lives. That’s why our wedding gown preservation experts take their job so seriously. Whether you have an heirloom gown you want restored for your daughter (or yourself!) or you’ve decided it’s time to preserve your already-worn wedding dress, our professionals are here to help–and to make sure the job is done to top-quality standards.

What Makes Preservation Different From Regular Cleaning?

Wedding dress preservation is about far more than just dry-cleaning a white dress and folding it into an attractive box. When we begin the process, we’ll first inspect the dress for any stains, spots, or imperfections that need to be removed, from red wine to invisible sugar stains that brown as they age. After all stains are removed, our experts will reinforce any weakened seams, carefully reattach loose adornments like sequins or pearls, and make sure your gown looks as good as new.

The Cleaning

Wedding dress cleaning is an entire process in itself. Wedding gown preservation specialists use a variety of different wet and dry cleaning methods depending on the fabric and needs of each particular gown. We specialize in wet cleaning, using our proprietary environmentally-friendly, non-toxic surfactants and crystal-clear purified water. Every step of the way, our professionals will ensure that your gown is treated with the gentleness and care it deserves. The cleaners we use prevent fading or bleeding of dye and preserve crisp, bright color that almost make your dress look better than new.

of the Future

Your gown will be thoroughly cleaned from the bodice to the very last sequin or jewel on the train. It will then be carefully folded into an acid-free, museum-quality box designed to prevent yellowing and keep your dress looking brand new for years–so if you want to pass your gown on to your daughter, niece, or other family member down the road, it will be even more pristine than you remember it.

When to

The sooner after your wedding that you have your gown preserved, the more likely it is that our preservation experts will be able to identify and remove every stain. Older, set-in stains are more difficult to deal with. With that said, you’re probably safe waiting until after the honeymoon to deal with preserving your dress. If you know that your dress has been damaged in some way while you were wearing it, it doesn’t hurt to ask a trusted friend or family member deliver it us for you.

Handling Your
Preserved Dress

So, once your dress is preserved, can you still show it off? Of course you can! We recommend handling your dress with care, of course. Ideally, you’ll only touch the dress while wearing clean cotton gloves (if those aren’t available, wash your hands thoroughly first). The oils from your skin can cause yellowing after repeated handling. If you’ve preserved other items and accessories–like your garter, shoes, or jewelry along with the dress, take the time to ask your preservationist what the best methods for handling those items are after they’ve been cleaned and packaged.

You spent so much time choosing the perfect dress, and we understand that the memories you’ll forever associate with it are worth far more than the price you paid for the gown itself. So don’t hesitate to contact us with any questions or concerns about the gown preservation process. We’ll give you an overview of what to expect along with a quote when you bring the dress in for a specialist to examine; that’s a great time to make sure you feel confident that the service you’ll receive meets or exceeds your expectations, and that you know exactly what to expect along the way.

If you’re looking for an all-in-one clothes cleaning solution, you have plenty of options to call or stop by and see us. Contact Mulberrys today!