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Adam Reinstein customer review
on 02/18/2017
Minneapolis Store
How about delivering my entire order on time not just one pair of pants. Tried the new pick up and delivery service for convenience but turns out to be much more inconvenient and frustrating. Never again.
John Hensel customer review
on 02/07/2017
Minneapolis Store
Sharon Thorbeck customer review
on 02/04/2017
Minneapolis Store
I was promised the order on Feb.2 at 5 pm. We drove to pick it up on Feb 3 and it hadn't been completed and was told to come back tomorrow. I live in Mendota Heights and have to drive to Eagan to pick it up, out of the way. My last order I had trouble with also.
Liz Connelly customer review
on 02/02/2017
Minneapolis Store
Actually deliver my dry cleaning to my apartment building
Amanda Haehn-Woods customer review
on 01/26/2017
Minneapolis Store
I attempted to pick-up my jacket yesterday-it need a cleaning and 4 sewing repairs. 3 of the 4 repairs were complete.Sadly, this is about the 5th or 6th time that I've had to return items because they did not remove stains or complete fixes as requested. I can't rely on the store to get it right the first time!
Margaret Buchanan customer review
on 01/02/2017
Minneapolis Store
I left 3 dresses and 2 skirts to be dry cleaned. When I dropped them off, I pointed out that the belt accompanying one of the skirts was not attached - as I didn't want it to get lost. I picked up 3 dresses and 1 skirt today and 1 belt. The belt did not get lost. The matching skirt did. When I called, I was told I would receive a call back from the plant manager. I was told I should give the company a couple of weeks to find the skirt. I was not offered an apology, instead it was suggested that the 5 items on my receipt were possibly 3 dresses, 1 skirt and a belt. I really, really, really want to like Mulberrys - it's close, it's toxin free and, while pricey, it is otherwise appealing for all the right reasons. But unless I hear back from the manager and ideally receive the missing skirt, I don't know how that could be possible...
greg berendt customer review
on 12/02/2016
Minneapolis Store
where do i begin........ the failure of the delivery service that just shows up to drop your cloths on the door when the clothes were to be sent out 5days later the whole delivery was inept at best., the failure of service when i called to get pricing and they quoted me a price but yet charges averaged 50% higher . the failure of the cleaning it self. i have white spots on some clothes others look like they did not get cleaned at all. i was charged for pet hair removal but yet still had it on clothes. i normally do not whine or complain but this first time just so bad you folks need to know.
Tony Rakun customer review
on 11/09/2016
Minneapolis Store
2 of my dress shirts were on hangers and in plastic wrap. I opened them and when I put one on I found a tear on the left sleeve about 6 inches up from the cuff about 3 to 4 inches across. I set it aside and put the other shirt on. When I was in my office a colleague told me I needed to buy some new shirts since I had a tear on my sleeve. When I got home I compared the 2 shirts and the tears on both were exactly in the same place. These shirts are not that old so what can we do to make good on them as they must have been torn in packaging, etc. Thanks
John Giese customer review
on 10/29/2016
Minneapolis Store
Brought my shoes in 3 weeks ago to get them cleaned. No communication between you and the cleaners which caused my shoes not to get cleaned and for me not to be able to use them for 3 weeks. Came in 3 different times to pick up other stuff but still there was miscommunication.
Kevin McDaniel customer review
on 10/23/2016
Minneapolis Store
My brand new "white" David Donahue dress shirt was returned no longer white, but blue. It looks like it was laundered with dark denim that bled.
John Hunsicker customer review
on 10/14/2016
Minneapolis Store
After many emails and phone with you, Mulberrys is still processing our orders incorrectly. Pls call me on Monday.
Dylan Garrison customer review
on 10/10/2016
Minneapolis Store
It's just been one thing after another.1. The process started with an email to your website asking a few questions. It was never answered. 2. My first pickup did not show up on the right day. I had scheduled for Monday but the driver showed up on Tuesday. By that time I had delivered the garments myself and I was told by my nanny who was home when the driver showed up that he seemed, "annoyed". 3. At the store I was told there must have been some mistake as my pick up/delivery days are Tuesday and Thursday. 4. I dropped off four pillows and when they came back they were destroyed. I plan to stop into the store to get a refund and be re-reimbursed for the cost of the pillows but have not yet had time to do so. Also, $20/pillow and they were not even clean? Rather, they were still dirty and are all now lumpy. 5. When my delivery arrived last Thursday the guy simply laid the garments on the floor of my porch. I'll say this again, he laid my close on the dirty floor of my porch! I happened to be home and watched him do it. He did not ring the bell or knock to see if anyone where home. He did not think to hang everything on the door handle. Is this common practice? 6. I just received an email saying that a delivery/pickup had been made. Today is Monday, as stated above, my pick up date is Tuesday so my bag of clothing was not ready as I had planned to toss everything in it tonight. Is it Monday or Tuesday?!I recently worked with Marc Ratner in my own business and because of that relationship I decided to give Mulberry's a try. Marc is a great guy and I like to do business with people I know but I'm at my limit on this. If not for knowing Marc I would have cancelled my service as soon as the pillows came back destroyed.So, what can you do to keep my business:1. You can refund me for the pillows and reimburse me for new ones. They were not expensive, perhaps $20 each at Target. That's an $90 refund and $80 for the pillows.2. You can get the days straight. If you say you're picking up on Tuesday and Thursday then do that.Regards,Dylan Garrison 612-865-3226
Dwayne White customer review
on 10/06/2016
Minneapolis Store
My shirts were not ready when they saud they would be. I was told Monday. Then i was told Tuesday. On Tuesday i was told they would be ready on Wednesday. My shirts were finally ready on Thursday. If i was told from the beginning that they would be ready Thursday, i would be ok with that. Do as you say you will do. Dont over promise & under deliver.
Daniel Miller customer review
on 09/29/2016
Minneapolis Store
Just testing if comments are coming through
Yanique Teape customer review
on 09/27/2016
Minneapolis Store
Put in an order on Thursday to be picked up on Friday. Was guaranteed that the items would be ready by Friday at 2pm. Items were not ready until Friday at 6pm and the order was not fully complete, was missing the button up shirt I would need to wear with my suit. I also dropped off multiple pieces at the same time on Thursday that I wouldn't need until the following week, I explicitly requested that the items do not get delivered to the address in the file and told the receptionist that I would pick them up , the address in the file was my old address. I went out of town , and got an email that the items were delivered to the address I asked them not to be sent to.