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Omid M customer review
on 01/10/2018
San Carlos Store
My order was misplaced. Part of my corder was lost (and then found). Everything took more than a week to get back to me and the process was not clearly laid out or communicated to me.
Leslie Anderson customer review
on 01/09/2018
San Carlos Store
I had a coat with a stain brought in to be dry cleaned. The stain did not come out so Mulberry offered to re-do the stain removal a second free of charge. For that I say Thank You. Eventually the stain did come out. However, when we dropped off the item the first time were told the item would be ready on Thurs at 5. When we arrived at the store we were told the truck would be late - OK that is understandable. Then when I picked up the coat on that Thurs I saw that the stain did not come out, the clerk gave me another ticket that said the item would be ready on Sat after 3. I arrive on Sat after 3 only to be told the item would not be ready until Mon after 3. I then called on Mon after 3 and was told it would not be ready until after 5. I asked if i would get an email telling me when it was ready for pick up and I was told Yes. I never got the email. I arrived after 7:30 to pick up the item. The system needs to be more accurate - correct day and time that items will be ready for pick up, be consistent with email notifications. Also, if the stain was properly treated and it did not take care of the stain, there should have been some note either in the system or on my receipt stating that. I seriously doubt that the stain was treated the first time.
Angelina Colombo customer review
on 12/13/2017
San Carlos Store
I was charged incorrectly for 2/4 items. I had 3 (wool) sweaters and one dress and was charged $60. Upon further inspection I realized I was overcharged $3 per sweater because they were listed as cashmere. When I discovered this, the front desk staff seemed more annoyed than apologetic. In fact, they did not apologize at all for mistake. Will not be returning and would not recommend this cleaner to anyone.
Lin Zhang customer review
on 11/20/2017
San Carlos Store
First of all, when I dropped off my two items, I asked how much it was gonna be. The girl who helped me said she would not know until she entered the order into the system or whatever. I asked her whether I will receive an email about the cost and she said yes. I never received any emails abt the cost until this morning an email came in saying my order was ready. When I picked them up, one dress still has that one stain which is the reason why I sent it in for dry cleaning. and it came to $40 for two short dresses? I asked why it was so much more. Then the lady said because brand care was added to both of my dresses. I think I should be informed when I dropped off my item. I felt I was robbed. I spent $40 and got the dresses back with the stains on. What a scam. Btw, I checked my spam folder and still didn't find any email from mulberry about the cost. Terrible service. And the girl working at 101 California wasn't friendly or helpful at all.
Fawzi Kamel customer review
on 09/15/2017
San Carlos Store
I been loyal customer from day one on Townsend street location. But today is the last time I'll use your service I had the worst customer service , rude , slow She so slow to the point a took me 15 min to pick up Plus she didn't even let me use bathroom She didn't have name tag so whoever worked today September 15th round 6pm I wouldn't hire her not even for $1 an hour
gloria Kaplan customer review
on 08/25/2017
San Carlos Store
Helen Chen customer review
on 07/05/2017
San Carlos Store
You need to double check you have the right customer info before taking an order. Someone with my name dropped off an order and I'm the one getting emails and texts about it. For starters, double check the phone number and not just the first and last name of an account.
Nicholas Xu customer review
on 06/27/2017
San Carlos Store
Where is my suit? I'm flying off on Wednesday morning. Ordered my dry cleaning to delivery by Tuesday. This is 9:32pm on Tuesday, and I don't see my suit anywhere yet.