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Wash and Fold Laundry Service (Fluff and Fold)

Full Wash and Fold Laundry Service with Convenient Pickup and Delivery

Experience the best in wash and fold or fluff and fold laundry service from the dry cleaning and laundry experts at Mulberrys Garment Care. We offer one-day or same-day wash and fold laundry service with a 100% satisfaction guarantee to customers in our service areas of Minneapolis MN, Washington DC and San Francisco, CA, combining the excellence of our premium dry cleaning service with the ultimate convenience in wash and fold laundry. Enjoy free home pickup and delivery for your fluff and fold and other laundry items, or use a safe and secure 24-hour drop box located at our stores and lockers to drop off your laundry whenever it’s convenient for you. Learn more about our wash and fold in San Francisco, Washington DC and our wash and fold service in Minneapolis.

Why Choose Mulberrys For Laundry & Dry Cleaning

Mulberrys has been voted Best Dry Cleaners in numerous Readers' Choice Awards. We have also been selected as one of America's Best Cleaners.
At every touch point your have with Mulberrys we seek to elevate your experience. Our beautiful boutique stores operate using extended hours and have 24 hour drop-boxes. We have free coffee and dog treats. Your clothes are returned on wood hangers and we provide free collar-stays and collar supports.
Our industry-leading mobile app enables you to schedule a pickup on-demand, track your order progress, pay your bill and even pickup curbside at our stores.
Your clothing is cleaned in the most environmentally-friendly solutions available. We package your items in recyclable packaging, and we are the only carbon neutral dry cleaner in the country.

Wash and Fold Laundry – Full Service Plans and Pricing

Traveler Plan

  • Good for: Travelers
  • Monthly Savings: $10
  • 2 Small Bags Per Month
    (16"L x 14"W x 14"H)
Couples Plan

  • Good for: Couples
  • Monthly Savings: $20
  • 2 Large Bags Per Month
    (24"L x 11"W x 16"H)
Singles Plan

  • Good for: Singles
  • Monthly Savings: $20
  • 4 Small Bags Per Month
    (16"L x 14"W x 14"H)
Family Plan

  • Good for: Families
  • Monthly Savings: $40
  • 4 Large Bags Per Month
    (24"L x 11"W x 16"H)
Couples Plan (Sorted)

  • Good for: Couples who would like their items sorted by family member
  • Monthly Savings: $40
  • 8 Small Bags Per Month
    (16"L x 14"W x 14"H)
Family Plan (Sorted)

  • Good for: Families who would like their items sorted by family member
  • Monthly Savings: $80
  • 16 Small Bags Per Month
    (16"L x 14"W x 14"H)

With today’s busy schedules who has time do laundry? Fortunately, our high-quality and convenient wash and fold laundry service means you may never have to do laundry again. Mulberrys Garment Care is your premier one-stop solution for all of your full service laundry needs. With just a tap of a button on our dry cleaning & laundry app a Mulberrys driver will pick up your laundry at home and we take care of the rest. With our same-day wash and fold service you can have your laundry washed, folded, and returned to you in pristine condition. We offer one-day or same-day wash and fold service if you request it.

Click here to schedule pickup for our laundry service, or visit one of our stores to learn more about exceptional wash and fold laundry service from Mulberrys!

Our quick turnaround service means you’ll be slipping into your clean and refreshed wardrobe in no time, all while saving yourself valuable time to spend with friends or family. You’re sure to be satisfied with our extensive services, guaranteed or we’ll redo your job for free. Whether you need tailoring and alterations, shoe repair, or even a perfect wash and fold, let us know. Our experts are here to help you with your garment needs.

What Our Wash and Fold Customers Say About Mulberrys

"I have been going to Mulberrys for a few years now and they are excellent."


"I love this place! I’ve taken shirts, suits, and comforters here and everything has come back better than it was dropped off and at a fair price. Great staff and management!"

Matt L.

"Mulberrys on Filbert St is the best neighborhood dry cleaners in the Marina/Cow Hollow area. I've regularly used their dry cleaning and wash and hang services for the last 3 years, and have never had an issue with quality or timeliness. The entire team is awesome."

Andrew L.

Laundry Service & Wash and Fold FAQs

What is Wash and Fold or Fluff and Fold?

Wash and fold laundry is a service provided by dry cleaners and other garment cleaning businesses to professionally clean and launder your everyday laundry and clothing items. This type of full laundry service is also sometimes referred to as fluff and fold. The difference between wash and fold and regular dry cleaning and laundry is that with wash and fold you items will simply be cleaned and folded, not pressed and hung.  Learn more about what wash and fold is and how it works.

How Does Mulberrys Wash and Fold Laundry Service Work?

To use wash and fold services with Mulberrys, simply drop off your laundry at one of our stores or convenient pickup locations, tell us any specific instructions for particular pieces of clothing, and we’ll take it from there! Our cleaners use state-of-the-art equipment and the best craftsmanship in the industry for our wash and fold or fluff and fold service.

Once your wash and fold items are dry and freshly laundered, we fold your laundry and make sure it’s in pristine condition before returning it. Mulberrys wash and fold saves you time from having to wash, dry, and fold your laundry, letting you enjoy more of your day!

Is Mulberrys Laundry Service Environmentally Friendly?

Our wash and fold laundry service uses the most effective cleaning processes while adhering to environmentally friendly techniques. Our advanced laundry technology ensures we aren’t wasting water or heat, which could fade, stretch, or pill your garments. With wash and fold or fluff and fold from Mulberrys, your machine-washable laundry will be thoroughly cleaned, dried, and folded with the use of chemical-free detergents and the ultimate know-how for all of your garments.

Try Our Convenient Laundry Pickup and Delivery Service!

When it comes to laundry, Mulberrys Garment Care makes it an easy part of your day. Wash and fold doesn’t have to be a tedious or unwanted task on the chore list—instead it can be carefree and convenient, leaving you time to do whatever you really want to do.

Mulberrys makes it easy and convenient to enjoy full service laundry and wash and fold near you! Simply find your nearest dry cleaning store with our store locator and then give them a call or visit a store in person. You can also view all of our wash and fold plans and schedule your free pickup and delivery online, whenever you’re ready!


The Best Laundry Service and More!

We excel at wash and fold. Our experts can refresh and renew your clothes, even pieces with tough stains. But Mulberrys is much more than a one-trick pony. With the same ease, you can bring in your dry-cleaning or tough-to-clean garments, like household items, leather, fur, and more. We can bring dull leather bags back to life or even repair your favorite pair of busted stilettos. We pride ourselves on having the best hands-on staff. Our crew is well-experienced and full of know-how. Our craft is making sure your entire wardrobe is fit to last for years to come. This is accomplished also through our tailoring and alterations services. We can make simple fixes, like replacing buttons or snaps, to more extensive tailoring to ensure every piece fits you perfectly. When you look good, you feel good, and no one knows that more than Mulberrys Garment Care.

Ways to get your garments through our door include:

24-hour Drop Box

Many of our locations has the convenience of a garment drop box with 24-hour access. In case you missed us during our extended hours, don’t worry! Just slip your garments into a bag with instructions, pop them in the drop box and be on your way.

Drive-thru Window

Many of our locations are outfitted with a drive-thru window to make garment drop-off and pickup as seamless and quick as possible—don’t even leave the comfort of your car, just buzz right through!

Pickup And Delivery

Mulberrys has dry cleaning pickup and delivery routes. You can either get on our route for services at a set time each week or month, or can request our on-demand service. Your clothes will be picked up at your home, business, etc., when you need them to be and will be dropped off the next day.

On-demand Service

Our on-demand service is for those who aren’t regularly scheduled on our pickup and delivery routes yet need our services in a hurry. By downloading our app on your smartphone or tablet, you can request our on-demand services: We’ll come to you within an hour of receiving your on-demand order to pickup your garments and will have them cleaned by the next day.

Get Started

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If you have any questions at all about wash and fold laundry or any of our other dry cleaning services, don't hesitate to get in touch with our service team.

Our sustainable efforts—toxin-free detergents, water conservation, recycled wooden hangers and recyclable garment bags—are all a part of the bigger picture: cleaning your clothes in the best way possible.

Satisfaction Guarantee | Mulberrys Garment Care

Satisfaction Guarantee

If you’re ever unhappy with the quality of our dry cleaning or pressing, we’ll redo the item for free.

Asked Questions

Most individuals and couples typically use a small bag of laundry every week. Most families will use a big bag every week. If the wash and fold plan you initially selected does not suit your needs, you can change your plan at any time. The new plan will take effect as soon as your current plan expires. Check out our plan details here.

The large bag is 11″X22.5″x16″ and the small is 10.25″x17.5″x14″

No problem! You can still select any upgrades you like on the preferences page. Your base wash & fold will be included in your plan and any upgrades such as special soap, dryer sheets, or other available upgrades will be charged separately and billed to your account on a per order basis.

If the plan you initially selected does not suit your needs, you can change your plan at any time. The new plan will take effect as soon as your current plan expires.

We are still more than happy to process special items. These are not included in the plan and will be charged separately and billed to your credit card on a per order basis.

If you are subscribed to a Berry Bag plan there is no minimum order. If you are a pay by the pound customer we charge a $30 minimum to account for the cost of pickup and delivery. It is fine to send in less, and we will just charge $30 for whatever you send in.

No problem. Should your usage exceed the amount of your plan, you will be charged the standard per pound rate for any pounds over your plan amount.

The laundry plan is monthly from the date you sign up for the plan. After 11:59 pm on the end date, any remaining balance in your account will be removed.

Your monthly laundry plan will automatically renew at 11:59 pm on the end date of your plan. To cancel the plan click on the cancel button.

All transactions are based on the day your order is picked up. That means that if you place your order on the 15th, but it is not picked up until the 16th, and your plan expires on the 15th, your order will be credited to the next month’s balance.

Sorry, but our laundry plans are such a great deal that they may not be combined with any other offers. Other discounts and offers will be applied to any charges not associated with your laundry plan (upgrades, dry cleaning, etc.). Discounts may not be used to purchase laundry plans.

These plans are only for wash & fold orders. Dry cleaning and laundered shirts are charged per piece as part of our dry cleaning service.

The monthly laundry plans are not available for wholesale or commercial accounts.

Sorry, but no refunds will be issued for partially or completely unused laundry plans.

Automatic renewal of laundry plans may be terminated at any time by clicking the button labeled Cancel Plan. The plan will remain active until 11:59 pm of the last day of your plan, at which time your plan will not be automatically renewed.

Laundry plans cover the cost of basic wash and fold. Any extra services, such as detergent upgrades or rush orders are additional and will be charged per order.

We service the Minneapolis-St. Paul and San Francisco Bay area. You can find your nearest location or see if we pickup and deliver here. We can pick up and drop off the items directly to your house or you can drop off your dirty bag and collect your cleaned items from one of our store locations.

No. All pickup and delivery is complimentary with the service.

Next day in our stores. For delivery it varies based on your location. But if you schedule a pickup you will see the available delivery dates.

No. Place the clothes in the bag we provide you with on your front door step or pre-designated location as agreed upon with your driver (e.g. side door, garage etc).

Yes, we will provide you with one of our large Freshly Folded garment bags free of charge to use. The size of bag will depend on the type of service you are signing up for as there are two size of bags.

Yes. All of our soap, detergents, and cleaning supplies are green and environmentally friendly.

No, leave that to us! All of your laundry will be sorted and cleaned separately according to colors.

No for store drop offs. For pickup and delivery we have an order minimum of $30.

Yes! Subscribe to our service and you will receive beautifully cleaned and folded laundry every week at a reduced rate.

Yes. Request our Family Plan and you will receive 2 bags to fill.

Your card will be charged at the beginning of the month.

Yes, just send us an email.

We clean t-shirts, jeans, underwear and socks.

Yes, we have a variety of customization options. You can select your detergent, bleach, fabric softener, and dryer sheets.